We never "graduate"

...in our walk with the Lord.  We enjoy a beautiful, interesting & challenging, life-long process of growing in faith, hope and love.






We connect with our

Lord Jesus Christ every day.


Daily Meditation

What We Believe


These links are downloadable forms for K-12th grades. The registration form is for all K-12th youth. The calendar shows activities for the entire year. The CYO Forms link is to the Diocese for info and for the additional forms required by our Diocese for CYO (7-12th).



CYO forms

More Links:


The Diocese of Jackson

Knights of Columbus, Cleveland

EWTN - programming and info about Catholicism

Busted Halo - "faith shared joyfully"

Catholic Answers - understanding Catholicism

Catholic Home Study Program

Catholics Come Home - info & for those who've been away

Word on Fire - "proclaiming Christ in the culture"

The Joy of Love - summary of Pope Francis's exhortation

Natural Family Planning - and see our home page

Integrity Restored - struggling against pornography